Signs Of End Days – Is America Babylon

 Is America Babylon?

Christians in United States know that America isn’t in Bible prophecy. What ever people told you, America is not there (by name or any “code name” ether). We all know is that Babylon is NEVER TAUGHT ANYWHERE IN SCRIPTURE AS A NATION. So what is really Babylon? Babylon is some sort of system, and people see it as a religious system.


Bible prophecy said “these views would surface at end times”. This is time of apostasy to deny everyone’s identity, sin and time of your visitation (this is the essence of all apostasy). People will always say ” it is somewhere else, someone else in the future that no one knows”. The truth is IT IS US, NOW AND OUR NATION ( America ).


Do you ever ask yourself how America, THE GREATEST NATION, THE RICHEST NATION AND NATION WHO WON TWO WORLD WARS IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE? Could God forget America? Hmm, that is like saying God is “blind in one eye”. But truth is that God didn’t forget America in prophecy, that is how it is meant to be.


The Collapse will happen in 2017


Hard times are coming for Babylon. You will ask yourself, what is going to happen, how can i protect myself?! You can watch full video, and find out.

Current Events Linked to Ancient Prophecy.


Is America Babylon


This is short documentary, and it has been banned from all American countries. Why? Is America Babylon the Great? Because this will cause panic among all faithful followers of the words of our Lord. At the end of the video, you can buy e-book called Survive The End Days.  Nathan Shepard is author of this book. Nathan will give your straight facts about Babylon & what will exactly happen in 2017. You will find your answer on question “Is America Babylon”.

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