Alive after the fall

How would war between Russia and America look like?

What will happen when all falls down? Could me and my family be alive after the fall of America? These are quesetions every American citizen should know, and we will give all answers you want and need to know.

We all know that Putin is meeting with his top military commanders and preparing for potential war US last few months. Russia was waiting for this all these years, to “hunt down” America once and for all. What is even worse China is joining the show, Russia & China are testing their weapons together and they are closer then ever. Russia is waiting for right moment to start war, and guess who will be destroyed… What we found out is even more shocking, and that is that America is NOT mentioned in Bible prophecy!

America in Bible prophecy

You may already know what am I talking about. How America, one of most powerful nation isn’t mentioned in Bible? Is that a mistake? Is this just coincide or there is more (something  that they aren’t telling us). For more then 12 years they were hiding the truth from people, while media was busy with reality tv shows and Kardashians. It is time to OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING. Signs of the end times were shown more then once, and it was even in News but people were blind to see it.

U.S. Has No Defense Against A Russian EMP Attack

How Russia is planing to attack America? Answer is simple, EMP attack. This may be complicated, so we will try to make it simple. E.M.P stands for  Electromagnetic pulse, this pulse is capable of destroying all our electric grid and wipe out whole U.S. economy. As Forbes informs us, Russia has thousands of these missiles capable of reaching U.S. territory. Even with few of these missiles America will be found it TOTAL Collapse.




Alive after the fall review

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