China made threat to the United States


china flag


China made huge stand up to United States, no one didn’t expect reaction from China like this. At the moment they are upgrading their weapons (that belong to U.S.).

If you ask me, this is pretty scary for America because (as I said) they have AMERICAN military weapons & tehnology! Let’s not forget that Russia and China are “close” these days.

What really happened is that government was expanding sea territory, they said that some parts belong to them and explained that they don’t want anyone there.

United States Navy took that chellange, because they didn’t know about China’s aggressive expansion. They took few missle destroyers around ┬áSubi and Mischief (islands owend by China).

This made them really angry.

China made threat to the United States


Real question isn’t what will China do to United States, real question is what will Obama Administration do, that is question we are all waiting for. Would Untied States challenge them and their military power? That wouldn’t be smart move!

At the moment China is wining, we will see what will happened.