Electromagnetic Pulse Attack (EMP) – Blackout USA Review


If you are reading this, then you already know what is happening with our country and you are conscious of the importance of being prepared for any kind of disaster (made by man or natural).

There are so many smart people, and they have same conclusion for current events like terrorist attacks, Russia and China, Iran nuclear deal, rise of ISIS, epidemic. Each and every one of them have potential to get out of control as we all know it.At the moment, we should all be afraid of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack! If this happen who will suffer most, what do you think?

When I saw what is happening with out country, I thought I should start looking for survival guides. I did my research and found this amazing survival guide made by Alec Deacon. Alec Deacon is well known for his survival disaster community. He spent twenty years studying survival strategies and he is author of best selling survival guides like Blackout USA *CLICK HERE TO VIEW HIS WORK.*

Review of Blackout USA Eelectromagnetic Pulse Attack

This is something you should definitely learn about and be 100% prepared for. Alec confirms that there is period of solar cycle when sun is experiencing violent activities. Electromagnetic pulse can occur in nature only when there is large solar flare that can reach Earth’s atmosphere. If this happens, it can short circuit electrical grid and our electronic devices. What does that mean? That means we will be sent back to Dark Age! Just think about it, NO electricity! If electromagnetic pulse attack happens, we could deal with economic collapse, food problems and of course massive looting!

Worst problem is that EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack can be made by man! Alec Deacon tell us that EMP bomb is easy and cheap to make. In my opinion, this is very scary.

After hearing this, smart person would be prepared for the worst scenario. This guide is about electromagnetic pulse attack, but it could be used for almost any kind of disaster (made by man or nature).

Here you can watch FREE video about EMP attack (created by Alec Deacon).


EMP attack

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