Global Recession in 2016

If we look back (less than decade ago) world economy went through the Great Recession, biggest downturn after Great Depression. Stock market crashed in 2008, and it tooked so long to recover  the loss.

Economy in 2016 has lagged in so many ways, that could mean world is on the way of another global recession. These are 5 signs global reccession is going to happen:

Debt in student loans

U.S. government is on the way of more than $1.2 trillion in student loans that students need to pay back! Some students can’t pay back loans.

Unemployment Rates – The Big Lie

The United States rate dropped from 6,8% in 2015 to 4,9% in 2016. You may ask yourself, what is here BIG LIE? Well, in this unemployment rate they didn’t people with part-time jobs who are working hard just to survive! If we count them, then we would have a clearer picture of unemployment (it would jump to 10,5%).

Economic data shows same patterns like in the last recession

  • Declining US Corporate Profits
  • US exports take a hit from weakening demand in Europe
  • US economic growth slows to 0.7%
  • U.S. retailers are at risk because of drop in salaes.

Trump Predicts U.S. Economic ‘Bubble’ Could Soon Burst

This is really biggest statement of billionaire Donald Trump. Truth is media didn’t show any interest in this. My question is what are they trying to cover up? You can find out by your self (click on video below)


(Click on video to watch)