Drought in California – Water shortage in California

Fifth year of water shortage in California witch is biggest drought in California drought history. We all expect drought will be over after El Niño, but truth is the worst is yet to come not only for Calfironia but for whole America.

California water crisis

To make it easyier to understand what is California facing at the moment, we will give you an example with Lake Mendocino.

Food For Freedom Review Water shortage in California


“Where is the water?” It is gone. Just 3 years ago this was beautiful lake, and now it’s gone. Pure desert. Let’s not forget that this lake was 91ft deep! This is one of many examples of lakes in California.

Cause of California drought

Researchers used few methods to descover what is causing this drought. One researchers said that they can’t find what caused this drought more, nature or human but definitely both have a role. We all witness climate change, California drought is purely caoused by global warming. He also said that nature has a big part of this (about 77%)  and everyone should prepare “survival” techniques, this drought won’t end soon. (Ca drought news)

Water shortage in California

Scientists discovered that our food supply system is near collapse. What is even worse media isn’t talking about this problem, and this will leave all citizens unprepared. When disaster happens, politicians will blame global warming and say you can’t predict nature. Who will suffer most?! You and me, just normal citizens. That’s why we made this useful documentary about California drought called “Food For Freedom“. You can watch video for FREE by clicking on video of the end of page.

Food For Freedom Review

We will make a little review of our documentary. Drought doesn’t mean only water shortage in California, it also mean’s FOOD shortage. Vegetables and fruit price will skyrocket!!! After documentary you will be able to protect your family from disaster, you will have all knowledge you need.

Food For Freedom review Water shortage in California